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tv   AC 360 Later  CNN  October 28, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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he or she stole the show, as well as the fish. the cameras were filming the cooking show "chef on the water." >> thanks. that does it for this edition of "ac360." -- captions by vitac -- and good evening, everyone. i'm erin burnett. out front tonight. breaking news under pressure. the obama administration has just authorized the release of
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more details about the american government's collection of telephone data. the director of national intelligence, james clapper just said this in a statement. their declassification is not done lightly. i have determined, however, that the harm to national security from the release of these documents is outweighed by the public interest. now clapper and other officials are all going to be testifying in detail about this program on capitol hill tomorrow. the white house, though, so far has begged ignorance. but what exactly is the president's role? here's what we know. now hear me out here. a u.s. official tells cnn tonight that president obama was briefed on u.s. spying program, including the one that targeted world leaders when he took over the white house from president george w. bush. the official also tells cnn the president would have been told which specific countries were being targeted in those briefings. but then, a senior administration official still insists to cnn that president obama didn't learn until
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recently. so which of these sources are telling the truth? jim sciutto is out front. >> reporter: administration officials tell cnn the spying of loaders of close allies such as german chancellor angela merkle took place without president obama's direct knowledge. a senior official says it's not reasonable to expect that the president would have been involved in or necessarily briefed on decisions about individual intelligence targets. in an interview at the fusion cable network president obama says his administration is reviewing the way it collects intelligence. >> what we've seen of the last several years is their capacities continue to develop and expand. and that's why we're initiating a review to make sure that what they're able to do doesn't necessarily mean that's what they should be doing. >> but he offered this defense. >> the national security operations generally have one purpose and that is to make sure
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that the american people are safe. >> reporter: whether listening in on the leaders of close allies saves lives, the white house didn't have an answer. although it reaffirmed it is reassessing such high level surveillance as part of its overall intelligence review. on the hill today, european lawmakers went head to head with congressional leaders on nsa spying. for the head of the discussion told me their discussion was frank. you had a very stern message to deliver. >> i think we had a very robust and strong message. this mass surveillance which has come through the allegations is something that is disturbing to european citizens. they feel very uneasy. they don't know why it's happening, why their strongest ally is doing it. >> reporter: and today they had more to talk about regarding spain when they collected data from 60 million phone calls in 30 days, leading to one more u.s. ambassador's summon to explain. european officials say that the surveillance in spain and france
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only included the metadata. but it is the spying on heads of state that is causing the greatest outrage. they say this does not mean the nsa was going rogue or operating out of bounds, but part of it is to ensure they are getting effective guidance from policymakers. it seems to me they were not getting that effective guidance because they were going ground what the president knew or appeared to have authorized. >> jim sciutto trying to get at the heart of the problem here. thank you for being with us. let he ask you this question -- when you hear these conflicting reports do you believe the president knew not just about the spying on u.s. allies but the specifics, things like the u.s. was tapping their cell phones? do you believe that he knew and knew since i took office or do you believe the other option which is he just recently found
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out? >> he could have known. i have no way of being able to say he did or he didn't. but he is the chief executive of the united states. underneath him is the intelligence services. and he can get from them whatever information he wants, whether they, whether they gave him details of this or not, i can't say, but i will tell you this. you know, within the intelligence community, this brouhaha, this public brouhaha that is getting so much in the headlines is just not viewed as that huge deal, because collection of information by countries commonly called spying is ubiquitous. used by everybody. it's done by everybody. >> i want to get to that in a few moments. >> first to follow up on this point about what the president knew and when he knew it -- let's just say he didn't know the specifics. shouldn't he have? i mean, you may be right. everybody's going to monitor whatever they can monitor.
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but the truth of the matter is, if we're monitoring the cell phone of an ally like germany, right, angela merkle, the president should know, shouldn't he? >> erin, there are thousands of intelligence data developed every day. it's absolutely impossible to know every detail in them. when it comes to this, and you look at it, you say 20/20 hindsight. if there's something critical in that information the president should know about it. if it's collection information there's no possible way he or anybody else could know what facts are collected every day. >> which is interesting and i think it's significant. you're a republican senator sort of defending the idea he might not have known. look, spying on the world leader of another major country is just a policy the president should have been aware of. but let me ask you about this, sir. because some folks on both sides of the aisle are defending what the nsa are doing and they're defending it point blank. and one of them might surprise
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you. here we go. >> they also rely on a lot of the information we gather to protect themselves. >> it keeps the french safe, the u.s. safe, the european allies safe. >> i recall landing in iran a few years ago and seeing a lot of german business men and they were violating sanctions. just because a country is your ally doesn't mean they're doing everything consistent with your policy, wouldn't that explain the monitoring and mean that the germans and everybody else would monitor american phones if they could too, that all this quote-unquote spying is okay? and the u.s., instead of saying i'm sorry, should defend it? >> there's all kinds of explanations. but we get these other countries come to us all the time and they are very happy that we are doing monitoring of some of their citizens, because we share information with them just as they do share information with us. but, you know, any of us that are in this business, any country thee we go to, whether it's friend, foe or a neutral country, every piece of
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electronic equipment we take in is swept before we go in and swept when we come out. this is ubiquitous. it is everywhere. it is thousands of pages a day. and so -- you know, for everybody to be wringing their hands -- nobody's asked yet the french or the germans or the spanish to say okay, who are you listening to? what collection are you doing? on who? you'd probably get them stuttering and stammering and say we'll neither admit or deny just like the u.s. agencies do. >> it's kind of amazing your point, which is sometimes you gather, you gather so much. seems like we're gathering so much we don't know what we're gathering. the president doesn't even know, what's the point? jay carney today was, frankly, apologetic. they said they're going to go ahead and make some changes. let me play just as jay described it. >> we recognize that there need to be additional constraints on how we gather and use
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intelligence. >> so does he have a point? that there should be additional constraints? or is that basically unilaterally disarming as someone told me today, that the u.s., if it backs down now and stops doing this monitoring, it would be very damaging possibly for the security of the u.s. as well as its allies? >> what he said was the diplomatic correct thing to say. the executive branch is in charge of this. they know what they've got to look at in order to keep america safe. this is not a partisan issue. this is a bipartisan issue. we all agree that we've got to do the kind of intelligence gathering that we do in order to keep americans safe. >> so you don't think they're going to back off unnecessarily. they're going to say the right thing, but they're going to do what they need to do. >> the other side would say the same thing under the similar circumstances. >> thank you. we appreciate it. and still, a math teacher found dead in the woods behind her school. police say a 14-year-old student committed the crime.
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and we learn more about her from her family. plus a massive man hunt is under way. two prisoners are still on the loose. they escaped under the noses of guards. we're going to tell you exactly how they did it. this is the kind of thing you think someone would have to make up in a thriller. and chris brown arrested over the weekend for assault, a major decision and charges tonight. we'll have that coming up.
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our second story out front, a murdered math teacher remembered today. they packed a church to say good-bye to colleen ritzer. she was killed brutally last week at danvers high school. she was found dead behind the school on wednesday. one of her students, 14 year old philip chism has been charged with her murder. alexander field is "outfront." >> reporter: many of the mourners wore pink, a small tribute to the teacher who made a big impact. >> she saw the goodness in other people. she had a very -- she had a gift for doing that.
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>> reporter: it's estimated 1,000 people came to the funeral at ritzer's home church in andover, massachusetts. among them, students who wanted to honor their beloved teacher. ritzer was allegedly killed by one of her students, 14-year-old philip chisholm. investigation says chism killed her in the girls bathroom with a box cutter he found in the school. her body was found behind the athletic fields. police escorted ritzer's hearse and an honor guard saluted her. ritzer's cousin eulogized her as someone who lit up the room with her contagious smile and bright personality. there is still the painful question, why? prosecutors still haven't pointed to a motive. new details shed some light on philip chism's past. legal separation papers show that his father had restricted time with him because of physical emotional abuse as well
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as alcohol abuse. now his mother is speaking up saying that her heart is broken for the ritzer family. and the loss of their daughter and sister colleen ritzer. she says her son was born in love and is dear to her. very dear. she is struggling to understand this. and while families struggle for answers, the friends and family will struggle for years to come. >> just extreme loss. there's going to be a void forever in our hearts. for i -- i don't know that anything can ever fill that. the oklahoma jailbreak. so two inmates are on the loose tonight. they staged an incredibly bold escape yesterday. two others were captured. but the four pulled off a daring breakout by climbing out a ceiling hatch in the shower. and threaten crawling, inching, just imagine this, how tight it
11:17 pm
would be, through a pipe that led them actually outside the jail facility. how did they pull this off? george howell begins out front. >> reporter: right back to where they started from. we watched as authorities drove two of four jail escapees who have about on the run since sunday back into the very walls that ultimately failed to confine them. the caddo county sheriff confirmed that the two were arrested today in a nearby town. the search continues for anthony and triston, both considered armed and dangerous? should people be worried that these people are on the street? >> sure. anytime they break out, they should be more aware of their surrounding. >> reporter: for residents like mark johnson it's the simple fact that this jailbreak happened that's even more troubling.
11:18 pm
>> there is a design flaw in it that you can get in the shower, climb up, climb over and get out. >> reporter: the men busted through a maintenance hatch above the shower in the jail. they crawled through a pipe space right beneath the roof where the air conditioning and plumbing sit. then they knocked out a cement block to get to another room. that took them directly to an unlocked side door, which they simply pushed open to freedom. >> reporter: was this a design flaw? >> no, i don't think it's a design flaw. it's something we'll have to investigate. the jail was well-built. the people who built the jail built several jails around here. >> reporter: the sheriff said this is not a design flaw. >> well, somewhere it screwed up somewhere. might not be a design flaw, but somebody's got some explaining to do. >> reporter: our camera caught contractors back on the job repairing the damage created by
11:19 pm
the jailbreak, but could this happen again? not even the sheriff could say for certain. >> i can't say that it won't happen again. there's lots of ways, you know, that people escape jails. i can't say it won't happen again. we hope it don't happen again. >> a pretty frightening answer. how did they catch the two prisoners back in custody, and where are the others? >> reporter: erin, that's the big question, the million dollars question. where are the others? and there's definitely a search under way for them. as far as the two that were captured, it really came do you know to the watchful eye of an investigator with the grady county district attorney's office. he was about 20 miles from where we are right now. he noticed two men on the street that seemed suspicious. their clothes, he described them as wet and dirty and the men matched the description that authorities were looking for. he contacted the police, they gave chase and were able to catch them. but again, you know, the question is where are the other men?
11:20 pm
authorities have some belief that they could be in the area. >> i'm still sort of dumbfounded by the assertion that there may not be a design flaw. a boy shot and killed by police. they thought his toy gun was real. he was shot seven times. tonight why the fbi is now investigating. plus singer chris brown arrested over the weekend. a major decision about those charges. and that is next. are you flo? yes. is this the thing you gave my husband? well, yeah, yes. the "name your price" tool. you tell us the price you want to pay, and we give you a range of options to choose from. careful, though -- that kind of power can go to your head. that explains a lot. yo, buddy! i got this. gimme one, gimme one, gimme one! the power of the "name your price" tool. only from progressive.
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on our fourth story out front is chris brown. the singer out of jail and facing an assault charge.
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he was arrested early sunday for allegedly attacking another man, breaking his nose. the 24 year old has recently become more famous for his meltdowns than his music. appalling that he remain famous at all for what he did before, because he is still on probation for viciously attacking his then girlfriend rihanna years ago. >> reporter: pandemonium as chris brown leaves court and acknowledges his fans with a peace sign. after being released with no bail. inside the court he got a break. a felony assault charge reduced to a misdemeanor. he did not enter a plea, but his attorneys said this. >> christopher brown did no crime. we understand that his security acted to protect mr. brown and mr. brown's property as he is authorized to do under district of columbia law. we are confident that mr. brown will be exonerated of any wrongdoing. >> reporter: brown was in washington to host this party on sunday night. the victim tried to get into a
11:25 pm
photo of brown and a female fan. at that point, according to the police report brown said, quote, i'm not down with that gay expletive and i feel like boxing. the victim told police that brown and the body guard each punched him in the face. >> you know, he was hurt. he was full of blood. i'm talking about the nose. >> i didn't see him throwing any punches whatsoever. >> reporter: this could have severe consequences for the popular r&b singer. ♪ brown who signed his first record deal at age 15 is serving probation for felony domestic violence against rihanna for what happened before the grammy awards four years ago. her bruised and bloody face shown in this picture from tmz. his probation was revoked briefly this year after a hit-and-run accident when a woman said he went ballistic on her after rear ending her car.
11:26 pm
he was given an additional 1,000 hours of community service. but probation rules from the rihanna case require brown to stay out of all legal trouble. >> a new crime even without a conviction can trigger a violation of that probation and the judge can decide to send him to state prison for the duration of his probation. >> and this is one of those things that you think part of the reason why this guy still matters is because we the people are still interested in him. so who's to blame. i know you have some new details now on the incident and court documents you were just able to get. >> reporter: that's right. we just got these documents from the court. it's a series of witness and police statements about the incident. now right after the incident occurred on saturday night/sunday morning, he went into his tour bus that was parked nearby. according to this series of documents, the police officer who came and interviewed him at that time stated that the police -- that the officer asked
11:27 pm
him whether he had had a confrontation with the victim. according to this document, brown said no, i was on the bus when i guess somebody tried to get on and my body guard handled it. and according to this document, chris brown denied punch being the victim. as we know from the police report, the victim said brown and his bodyguard did the punching. so we've clearly got a he sa/he said going on. >> thanks very much. now the president, was his twitter account hacked? sort of ironic given all this nsa talk. we've got that story. apple i iphone sales were better than expected. but today all the talk is about a buyout. is happening eyeing an american car company? and i didn't just misspeak. and jay z has another problem. why they're demanding that he drop his latest megabucks deal. [ male announcer ] staying warm and dry has never been our priority. our priority is, was and always will be serving you, the american people.
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welcome back to the second half of out front. president obama hacked. some of the president's 39 million followers clicked on the link of a washington post story today and instead of going to the washington post, they got a propaganda video about syria. the syrian electronic army have hacked "the new york times." they claimed responsibility. organizing for action, which is the group which controls @barackobama. tried to down play the incident. but we obtained these screen
11:32 pm
shots which show the hacker group broke into the president's twitter account and hacked into a campaign staffer's e-mail. well, penn state university is paying nearly $60 million to settle claims from 26 victims of jerry sandusky. it's not clear when those settlements were made or how the money is being divided among those 26, but what it means is that they aren't able to sue anymore. an attorney for the man known as victim five told us that he isn't necessarily happy about the settlement, but he is relieved. sandusky the former assistant football coach was convicted last year of 45 counts related to the sexual abuse of young boys. an amusement park ride used as a deadly weapon? after five people were hurt on a ride at a north carolina state fair, the ride operator has been charged with thee counts of assault with a deadly weapon.
11:33 pm
the ride stopped. and as people were getting off, it restarted. some riders falling from 20 feet in the air. the 911 calls depict a frantic scene. >> we're at the state fair and the ride went up side down and dumped everybody out. there are people who are bleeding really bad. >> they said the devices had been tampered with. an attorney says that he is devastated and would never intentionally harm anyone. concerns about apple's growth are growing. sales and profits were better than people were looking for. and apple sold about 35 million iphones. that is a million more than people were looking for. now the bad news. profit margins which is the be all and end all here are shrinking at apple. and the refreshing of the iphone and the ipad may not reverse that. there are other ways to solve this problem. with $100 billion of cash on hand, apple can pretty much buy whatever it wants. in a letter to ceo t cook, one investor is asking them to buy
11:34 pm
this -- tesla. which is now valued at $20 billion. now you might think, whoa, strange, right? but cars are run by computers. and they're really the last the frontier to be ipaded up. all in the family. former vice president dick cheney says that the republican party needs help. he says the solution is his daughter. >> i'm a big supporter of my daughter. >> sure. >> i believe the republican party is in trouble. we've lost the last two presidential elections, and we badly need to bring along a new generation of talent. >> he didn't say it, but women. cheney touted his daughter's credentials, two tours at the state department and a mother of five. she says the man she's running against is not a bad guy.
11:35 pm
another website failure. a malfunction crashed the site yesterday. just after kathleen sebelius praised the very same component that crashed as a model of efficiency and security. ouch. that malfunction was fixed, but it is the tip of the proverbial iceberg and no one is taking responsibility for all that has gone wrong with the website. the question is -- and there must be an answer to this at some point -- where does the buck stop? tom forman has been trying to figure it all out. it would seem like an easy question to answer. but it isn't. but how did it go so wrong? >> it would seem that way. we know this. the obama care girl who was on the cover here, smiling young woman who embraced the federal website, has disappeared. we don't know why. maybe she's not smiling amid all these problems, but it's just as well. because too many people were involved with this from the start.
11:36 pm
that's what we're learning. how did this go so wrong? in a perfect world most agree that it should have gone like this. the white house, president obama, would establish and outlined some goals. the department of health and human services would come up with a man to reach those goals. an agency, in this case, the centers for medicaid and medicare centers would hire computer programmers to make it all happen. and voila, there is your fully functional website. but from the beginning it appears there was a political as well as a practical side to this effort. as the policymakers dreamed up things for the website to do, programmers weren't always in the loop to discuss if it was possible. furthermore, you saw a few more of the big companies hired being grilled on what went wrong. but there were dozens of subcontractors down here running hundreds of millions of lines of computer code. testimony indicates some had little knowledge of how their work would coordinate with the work of others. they faced changing demands as
11:37 pm
political fights raged and communications between them were all sketchy. so you ended up with this incredibly tangled web of lines going on between here and between the white house and between everyone. and in the end, plenty of commands were being given, but no one person was clearly in charge, including the president, who, as his own officials now say, was unaware that this tangled mess was building down here. so the problem in finding who to blame is to say somebody had to be responsible. and effectively everybody in the chain was saying, no, somebody else was in charge of this part of it. that's why it's hard to pin it on one person. >> and do they try to pin it on a person no one heard of? or do they say the buck stops at the kathleen sebelius level? that's going to be the big question. it gets worse. it's not like let's just go untangle the web. which in and of itself would be very difficult to do. they're saying you might have to start from scratch. rewrite millions of lines of
11:38 pm
computer code to fix this. should they just possibly scrap the whole thing and start again as some in congress have suggested? or no? >> you're absolutely right. there are some who say shut it all down, start all over. that's the way to solve it especially after this weekend. but the administration basically says no. considering this website has already cost more than $300 million. and parts of it are working despite all of these troubles. so the white house has now put one guy in charge, jeffrey zients with one company acting as the general contractor. trying to get back into this clean line of command that they should have had from the beginning. and if they do this, they can have the website off the critical list by the end of november. but again, erin if you see more things happen like what happened this weekend, you'll hear more calls from people saying scrap the whole 24e7k, throw away the money and start over even if you want obama care to work. and some, of course, don't want it to work. >> but even some that do are
11:39 pm
coming around to that point. in our sixth story tonight, terror is on the rise. this is a stark assessment. and it is obtained exclusively by cnn. it is found a stunning rise in terrorist attacks around the globe and according to this report the attacks are becoming even more deadly. chris lawrence is "outfront" with the exclusive. >> reporter: it's not your imagination. terrorists are launching more attacks like this deadly assault on a nairobi mall. and it's likely the world will see even more violence next year. cnn obtained exclusive access to an upcoming report from stark, a group that tracks terrorism around the world. it found there were 69% more terrorist attacks in 2012 than the year before, there was an 89% jump in deaths. and with well over 5,000 attacks through june of this year, the future looks even deadlier.
11:40 pm
>> and i expect we'll see that reflected in even more violence in 2013 and even higher numbers. >> reporter: this was the terrorism coordinator at the state department. he says many of today's militant groups judge success by the number of people killed, including civilians. >> the old red lines. the old barriers are all gone. >> reporter: six of the seven deadliest groups are affiliated with al qaeda, including the taliban and boko haram. which is going after christian targets. the targeting of other religions or muslims of a addict sect is driving the casualty rate higher. >> it's like warfare using the tools of terrorism. >> reporter: but the violence is more concentrated than you might think. three countries, iraq, pakistan, and afghanistan, suffer more than half the attacks and the casualties.
11:41 pm
the flip side to some of those numbers is what is happening here 234 the united states. the threat to civilians in the u.s. and western europe and eastern asia may be declining, which is good news for the citizens that live there. erin? >> all right, chris, thank you very much. that brings us back to our question of the night. does changes in the nsa and the spying, will that change that or not? rapper jay z say he is being unfairly demonized for teaming up with the high end retailer barney's. two people were detained by police when they bought expensive things. since then, a lot of people, hundreds, have taken to twitter. more than 16,000 people have demanded that jay z end his partnership with barney's. this puts jay z in a rather awkward position. he's about to launch a collection of clothing, jewelry. and even decorate one of their
11:42 pm
famed christmas windows. the money from the deal is going to a charity. it's not like he's keeping it for himself. the question is, will sticking with barney's hurt his brand as rapper? the truth is probably not. he and his wife beyonce have had a number of other income streams. jay z is worth $500 million. and when you add that to his wife, they have well over a billion dollars. which brings me to tonight's number. 3.6 million. according to the luxury institute. that is the average worth of a barney's shopper. jay z and barney's shoppers are incredibly wealthy. and even though he may not like barney's behavior, there's probably not a boycott strong enough to make him change his plans. russia is 100 days away from starting the winter olympics. is the site of the winter games too dangerous? and new details in the case of a boy shot to death by the police. they thought his toy gun was real. and tonight we know why the fbi is investigating.
11:43 pm
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we're back with tonight's outer circle. and tonight we go to china where five people are dead, dozens more injured after a car crashed into tiananmen square. the security is tight there, as i've experienced. i asked how a car was even able to get in. >> reporter: we're going to get out and try and film, we'd be detained. the chief symbol of communist party power in lockdown. at monday, a jeep charged into throngs of tourists and caught fire say police. the driver and two passengers killed. at least two tourists dead and dozens injured. apparently this car drove out
11:48 pm
from this road, down this way, crashed through a barricade outside the entrance to the forbidden city opposite tianamen square. this area is probably one of the most sensitive in china. and right now, if i look, you can see there are no tourists here in this area. normally, it's absolutely jam-packed. >> that's pretty amazing just to see it so empty. it is always so packed. russian president vladimir putin promises gay athletes and visitors will not face discrimination at the olympics in sochi. putin is seeking to defuse potential boycotts. with the olympics just 100 days away, is sochi safe? this is a crucial question and is it ready for all the crowds? phil black is out front. >> reporter: from a distance, this olympic path looks close to
11:49 pm
ready, shining new sports images, being tested. but look closer, there is still so much to do. top of the list, finish the stadium. it is not hosting the sport, but will be the stage for the opening ceremony. the people directing that spectacle have demanded big changes to the design, including a roof. russia says it will be on time, a statement to the world. one reason why vladimir putin is taking such a personal interest. the manager of the speed skating arena says that putin's regular visits and direct oversight have made a big difference. >> i'm not going to say why or how but it has, believe me. >> you're seeing things happen? >> yes. >> sochi's other challenge, overhauling the soviet infrastructure, the skyline is a mass of cranes and partially completed buildings, many of them much-needed hotels. and then there's the traffic.
11:50 pm
it's appalling. sochi's mayor is firmly on team putin and insists somehow it will all be fixed in three months. security is an especially big concern at the games, because russia's islamic terrorists have promised to disrupt them. and mother nature can't even deliver the white stuff. it is sub-tropical, so the snow is patchy, that is why they are storing vast amounts of last season's snow, just in case. cnn, phil black, sochi. a teen killed carrying a fake rifle. a 13-year-old shot seven times last week by a california sheriff's deputy. the challenge happened after the teen was seen carrying a pellet gone that looked like an assault rifle. but the fbi is conducting an investigation and dan simon is "outfront." >> reporter: outrage in a northern california town.
11:51 pm
a toy pellet gun mistaken for the real thing. the veteran officer firing seven rounds at the 8-year-old killing him. >> andy was not that type, believe me. andy, if he knew it with u.s. a sheriff and asked, andy would have dropped it. you know, i don't believe that at all. >> friends and neighbors in santa rosa have held rallies. some allege that he was profiled because he was hispanic in a low income neighborhood. >> we want him to have some consequences and be prosecuted for what he did. he had just turned 13. we want justice for andy. and until we get that we're not going to stop marching. >> i understand that the community is angry and sad and this is a tragedy for all involved.
11:52 pm
>> reporter: the sheriff said he could not go into details of the case but confirmed that the deputy is a 24-year member of the force and veteran of the iraq war. >> the fact he has been employed for 24 years suggests you have a lot of confidence in him. >> well, eric is a solid employee and the fact that he trains new people for us shows the level of respect we have for eric and his position here. >> reporter: only ten seconds passed between the time the report was filed until the shots were fired. lopez was found at 3:15 in the afternoon last tuesday. at least one of the deputies took cover before an open front door and yelled twice to drop the gun. shots were fired and the teen was found dead at the seen. this boy said that the deputies
11:53 pm
should have known it was a fake. >> he was a firearm specialist. he should know it was a fake gun. >> if you hold them side by side it's hard to tell. >> i mean, a 13-year-old to be carrying an ak-47 like that? they're heavy. they're not light guns. i've held a real one myself. they're not light guns for a 13-year-old to be holding like it's nothing. >> and this is the area where the boywise shot. you can see this memorial that is growing every day. you can see candles and balloons. we don't know exactly how this boy was holding the gun. another potential issue is that the gun -- this airsoft rifle was missing its orange cap which is required by law. the deputy didn't realize it was a toy.
11:54 pm
>> and you talk, dan, about how it was just seconds before when they reported this and then they were shooting. obviously, that raises questions too. what is the status of this deputy at this point? >> the deputy is on paid administrative leave and according to the sheriff he is getting death threats. he is at an undisclosed location. the case is being investigated by two police departments and the fbi. >> dan, thank you. reporting live from the scene. up next, this is going to be great, i promise you, the new bob marley. man: [ laughs ] those look like baby steps now. but they were some pretty good moves. and the best move of all? having the right partner at my side.
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11:58 pm
so there is a new movement under way in saudi arabia thanks to bob marley. ♪ ♪ no woman no drive >> no woman, no drive, has been viewed nearly 4 million times, the brainchild of a saudi actor and standup comedian who plays every character in the video. it has got great lines about how she sits in the back seat. he created it to draw attention to the fact that women are not allowed to drive in the entire country of saudi arabia. and he timed the song to hit the web on saturday, the day of the
11:59 pm
country's women's driving campaign. 35 women, you see a woman here, broke the law by driving cars and then posting videos of themselves on youtube. now you might say, 35, that is a big deal? well, yes, it is, because the female driving ban is not a silly thing or a thing that is not enforced. in fact, one of the strange things in saudi arabia is seeing men driving, most of whom are from southeast asia, and the women sitting the back seat. these 35 women are incredibly courageous especially to let us see their faces. because of fear, this is why so few did it. nearly half of saudis view youtube daily and watch 95 million videos which is more than any other country in the world. youtube is how saudis saw the women driving, and youtube can help to spark serious change. so think about this way, 60% of college students are female, and only 10% of the women actually have jobs, the lowest rate in the region. and even though it seems small
12:00 am
in comparison is it a symbol of equality. if you can't drive, how do you get to work? how do you stay late if you need to? in saudi arabia, to not drive is to not be a person. and that is what those women on youtube and the video are now trying to change. this is the eve of the anniversary of hurricane sandy, and all eyes will be on the new york city marathon, over 40,000 will compete in the race, including those sponsored by the actor, sean penn. what if the biggest problem in hollywood is not drugs or alcohol. something that plagues schools and churches throughout the area. and beyondr